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  • Angel Eyes
    BMW CCFL and SMD LED Angel Eyes Rings Upgrade, Kits and Sets
  • BMW Angel Eyes Upgrade
    BMW angel eyes are unique headlights that feature LED technology. They were introduced in 2001, and today, the upgrade is available for many of the car company’s models. For instance, BMW owners can buy them for the 1, 3, 5, 6 and 7 series as well as for the X6 crossover model and the X5 SUV edition.
    When BMW owners transform their classic models with angel eyes, they will update the look of their vehicle. In fact, the main reason that most BMW owners add angel eyes to their cars is because they look distinctive and amazing.
    Several different types of angel eyes are available. Options include LED angel eye rings for vehicles that do not already feature the enhancement. Owners can also buy a package of four SMD/LED rings to add to their vehicle’s headlights. If BMW included angel eyes in the vehicle, then owners can upgrade the bulb since some versions emit a yellow glow. Once owners upgrade them, they'll have a white or ice appearance to match the colour of white Xenon headlights.
    In 2012, EU legislation added a safety mandate for all vehicles. Specifically, the legislation requires car manufacturers to include day running lights to increase pedestrian safety. Furthermore, the lights must automatically turn on when the driver starts the engine. Some people prefer to upgrade their existing angel eyes to meet the EU requirements as the option maintains the look of the car.
    Before BMW owners add eye bulbs to their car, they should confirm the compatibility of the headlights against the car model. For instance, it is important to purchase the right shape and size. When owners buy upgraded BMW angel eyes, they should make sure that the brightness level is high enough and appropriate. Therefore, check the headlights to confirm the number of lumens that each lamp emits since a higher lumen count increases the brightness of a headlight. Keep in mind that there are limitations due to the tube’s technical restrictions.
    When BMW angel eye bulbs are added to a car, they create a distinctive appearance. Furthermore, the lighting elements will likely capture the attention of other drivers who are on the road.
  • License Plate Lights
    BMW Licesne Number Plate LED upgrade
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